Monday, December 9, 2019

Live at the Piggery 2

Dec 7 was our second new style open day at the Piggery. The heavy smoke laden air from the bush fires kept some from coming out but were able to open... our portrait sitter was not able to make it and we resorted to doing sketches of each other again. Followed  afterwards by a musical jam session.

Our next open day will be on February 1st.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Live at the Piggery

Saturday was our first 'hands on' open day at the Piggery, most of the resident artists participated as well as visitors,  for the 'portrait workshop' we did 20 minute sketches and changed sitters as the planned sitter couldn't make it... next time we will plan other demonstration/participation events and one portrait sitter.
The 'musical jam session' got off to a confidence building start and we will build on this for next time!

some 20 minute portrait sketches....

Saturday, September 28, 2019


Beginning in November The Piggery Lane Studios will now be open on the first Saturday of the month, and the resident artists will conduct demonstrations, and workshops and activities for anyone to watch or to participate in.

On Saturday mornings resident artists and or guest artists will be there to demonstrate and to discuss topics of interest.

On Saturday afternoons from approximately 2-5 pm we will be having figurative/portrait workshops. There will be a live sitter, or sitters to work from and those interested are invited to participate. There will not be a set cost for this though voluntary donations will be accepted to cover any costs for sitters.

Starting round about 5pm we will have a musical 'jam session' for anyone interested in playing or performing live music, and the invitation is there to bring along an instrument or music and just see what happens... this is aimed at anyone who wants to explore this area and not aimed at professional performances!

We we will provide tea and coffee and anyone is welcome to bring their own refreshments... this is also an opportunity for conversation... particularly for those interested in the arts... no age limits


The Hawkesbury Art Fair, is on again at the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery,which is in the Deerrubbin Centre in Windsor,  it is  held annually and will be open to the public until October 13th.

The Piggery Lane Studios were invited to enter and the artworks hung were by Kym Morris, Sharron Whittington and Malcolm Robertson.