Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Running of the Bulls

There was a bit of excitement today when 50 bulls were moved down the road past the piggery. They started off orderly and then as you can see by the photos, jammed up at the toilet block as though waiting for instructions. The Alpaca guarding the sheep was on high alert and there was a lot of bleating and mooing. Then the bulls headed off towards the piggery, but there was a bit of confusion when a few stopped to drink from the puddle of water at the Earth Care driveway. After a bit of coaxing they were on their way again, and they got a bit of a run up and started trotting fast down hill, as you can see from the speed blur. I stood by my post at the piggery door throughout the whole ordeal to avoid a bull in a china (pottery!) shop - speaking of which we sold two pieces of pottery today and a painting from the gallery last week!