Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gallery becomes Gourmet restaurant!

On the third Saturday of the month, on the same day that the Piggery has it's monthly 'Open Day', Ling Halbert runs a vegetarian cooking class at the adjoining Earthcare centre. This month it was decided to try something excitingly different, to present and eat the food in the the Piggery Lane Studios instead of the Earthcare centre.
Maybe not quite as much room as the Earthcare building, but the ambience of the Piggery certainly added to the atmosphere and flavour of the food.
a couple of photos before the commencement of the meal...

 more photo's and details of the day, the food and the recipes can be found on Ling's website on the Superfood at Earthcare with Elegant Art link

I must say that it was 'Superfood'... and it was delicious!

By coincidence one of the members of the class said that her father, who came out from Wales in 1912, worked at the Piggery 70 years ago when it was an active piggery, and was actually injured a few times with some of the equipment that was in use back then!