Thursday, September 18, 2014

A buzzy time at the Piggery today!

 for some time bees have been making their home in the boards at the back of the Piggery, and today Sharron (who used to be a beekeeper) with the help of some friends, removed the bees and will be splitting them into two hives and taking them to new homes.

One hive will be remaining in the grounds for the benefit of Earthcare... they will not be a danger for anyone visiting our continuing exhibition.

Hawkesbury Gazette

The Hawkesbury Gazette had a number of photos from the Secret Garden Spring Fair and the Piggery Lane Studios Art Exhibition in its Socials section this week.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Irish film makers at opening

We had special international guests attend our opening on Saturday night, highly acclaimed Irish film makers from Dublin, Barrie Dowdall and Siobhan Lynam who are in Australia promoting their new documentary Convict Women and Orphan Girls. Thanks to Barrie and Siobhan for squeezing our event into their busy schedule, and thanks to Peter Fenton for arranging to bring them to the Piggery on their way to Thompson Square for the CAWB film night where the movie was being shown and an informative questions and answers session afterwards. Will post photos when they are available.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


A mother and daughter viewing some of the deer outside the Piggery prior to the exhibition.

Some of the lights outside the Piggery on the evening of the exhibiton

Greg Hansell finalist over 20 times in the Archibald/Wynne prizes during his speech at this inaugural event in which he discussed the value and importance of local and independent art groups.

Jimmy Parbuckle added to the wonderful atmosphere of the evening with his traditional music of Australia and the sea

the exhibition continues today and for the next four weekends until October 12th

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Springtime at the Piggery

Spring is in the air, the blossom is on the trees, the lambs are in the fields, and the Piggery is just about ready for its first annual Art Exhibition this weekend.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Live Music at Opening Night

Jimmy Parbuckle will be performing at the Opening Night of our exhibition.

Exhibition Flyer

We had a number of visitors today when the Earthcare Centre was open for the Sustainable House Day
and now we look forward to  the Exhibition at the Piggery from 13th September - 12th October
this is the flyer for it